World Hunger

World hunger refers to the people around the world that are malnourished and do not get the right amount and type of food. The question that rises is what causes malnutrition and hunger?

One of the major cause of hunger is poverty. The reason poverty exists is due to lack of resources, lack of effective management of available resources and unequal division of income worldwide. Moreover, disintegrated and harmful economic systems are identified as another cause of hunger. Economic systems refer to the management of production and exchange of goods. Resources are limited and income levels depend on the power of the military, economic and political power of a country. In addition, conflict all over the world is also one of the causes of hunger. Changes in climate and increase in world population all add up and lead to mismanagement of resources thereby leading to starvation.

Furthermore, which countries around the world face hunger?

Here is a list of some countries that face hunger and starvation:

  1. Burundi
  2. A landlocked country near Tanzania where about 74% of the population is undernourished. Almost half of the citizens live below the poverty line, 35% of which are jobless. The reason for malnutrition is the increase in population and climate change leading to a larger number of imports than exports which burden the economy of Burundi.

  3. Eritrea
  4. An African country with about 64% of the population facing malnourishment. The conflict with Ethiopia has lead to productive lands of Eritrea remaining untouched. This means food is not grown on those lands and therefore leads to nutrition problems.

  5. Zambia
  6. This country has a population of about 47% that does not receive proper nutrition. In terms of agriculture, the crops grown are dependant on rain. There is a lack of market opportunities which prevent the improvement and modernization of farming techniques.

  7. Timor-Leste
  8. This is an island located between Australia and Indonesia with 38% of the population being malnourished. The lack of a proper political system and shortages of human capital have stunted the growth of Timor-Leste thereby leading to nutrition problems.

  9. Sudan
  10. With the tolls of malnourished people increasing, Sudan suffers from hunger due to climatic and political instability.

There are many more countries such as Haiti and Ethiopia that face world hunger. Thus, organizations around the world have been seen to unite to develop programmes to combat malnourishment around the world.