A Beautiful Mind

Based the real life story of the famous John Forbes Nash, A Beautiful Mind is a movie that revolves around his struggle with schizophrenia. Released in 2001, it is based on Sylvia Nasar’s biography on the life of the world famous mathematician and game theorist. The movie itself presents an important lesson about mental illness and has become an iconic movie, winning four Oscars, along with many more awards and nominations. To know about the movie and its concept, it is important to know the character of John Nash, his story, along with discussing the essence of the movie, and why it is a must watch.

Who was John Nash?

John Nash, famously known for his prisoner’s dilemma, and the contribution he made to the field of economics, was actually a mathematician. His other contributions were in the mathematics field, particularly partial equations and differential geometry. He won a Nobel Prize in Economics in 1994, but for him, the greatest achievement was the Abel Prize. John Nash, in this particular movie, is shown from a different perspective.

Somewhere close to the early 1960’s is when Nash started developing symptoms of paranoia, which later turned out to be schizophrenia. His treatment went on for over a decade, after which is resumed his academic career, and research work at the Princeton University.

The Movie

Based on the biography on his life, this movie shows, not just the genius he was or his achievements, but shows both the highs and the lows of his life, accurately. This includes the time from when he first joined Princeton University, after he graduated, as well as how he met his wife, how the genius was unleased, and his struggle with mental illness until he fully recovers from it.

While similar to “The Theory of Everything”, in terms of the concept, this movie highlights the real life struggle of a mentally damaged person, especially someone as praised as John Nash, and how this severe illness affected his family. The emotional aspect of the movie becomes overwhelming when John realizes that Parcher, Charles and Marcee are all figments of his imagination, and when he triggers a relapse of his mental illness.

A Must Watch

This movie is a beautiful summation of the life of someone who suffers from mental illness, and in an encouragement towards treating mental illnesses properly. Especially in today’s society, where mental illness is not considered dangerous, people need to realise how it may affect others, and creates an understanding.

This movie in an emotional roller coaster, filled with plot twists, emotional moments, and reality that hit us all hard. All in all, it is one of the highly recommended movies, and a must watch for everyone of the appropriate age.