How To Stop Using Clichéd Ideas While Writing An Essay About Love

Whether you are writing an essay, a song, a part-time, or any other piece of writing related to love, there is a temptation to use clichéd ideas. Whether you’re going to use simple phrases or general themes related to love, if you want your work to be unique, then stay away from clichés.

Of course, this is easier said than done - ultimately, many things related to love can be considered cliché. Nevertheless, if you start thinking of an idea and it sounds clichéd to you then drop it and think of something else. Alternatively, if you can try and looked at from a different angle, then it may still be suitable.

To give you an idea of some clichéd ideas relating to a range of different subjects and topics, the following is a list of titles that you may wish to stay clear from. Some of them may not necessarily seem so clichéd at first, but generally will appear more so once you think about:

Where you are most likely to see clichéd ideas

If you are writing about literature, poetry or anything artistic then there is a good chance that love will be a theme. As a result, this is one particular area where you are most likely to see clichéd ideas, make it even more important that you try and develop something more unique.

Sometimes a good way to avoid cliché is to reverse things. For example, rather than looking at things in terms of love, you may look at the opposite - i.e. hate, or lack of love. Of course, this is necessarily possible or appropriate for everything, but using this alternative way of thinking, you might be up to avoid clichéd ideas.