Common Transition Words And Phrases To Use In A Narrative Essay

Transition words and phrases serve to guide the reader through your written work. Using these transitions helps to bring main ideas together and maintain a sense of coherence throughout your written piece.

When combining sentences, two types of transition words could be time and thought. Thought transitions are often referred to as logical. These words or phrases link ideas together and help the reader move smoothly from one to the next.

Time transitions – helps the reader to know the time frame of the events, and what order they happened in. This can be very important in a narrative style essay where you are writing a story about a personal experience you’ve had. You may want to add things about your past to serve as a background. You would want to give the order of your experiences in time so the reader can piece together a picture of it.

Some of the common words used in time transitions: meanwhile, after, before, while, next, then, ago, soon, earlier, eventually, immediately, later. Some of the common phrases for these time transitions may include: in the first place, after that happened, while it was going on, shortly after that, along the way, at that very moment, later that same day, while this was taking place, without delay, at long last, during all of this.

Thought or logic transitions – helps the reader form an idea of what might logically be the result of the action taking place. Also may indicate the thought or feelings someone had linked to the event being narrated.

Some of the common words writers may use for a logic or thought transition include: also, however, furthermore, mainly, otherwise, because, suddenly. Some of the common phrases for thought transitions may be taken from this list: for example, even though, without warning, if I may say so myself, as a result, in consequence.

Of course there are many more words and phrases you can choose from to link ideas together in your written piece.

Good transition sentences aren’t that difficult to form once you get a good grip on what they are used for and how to use them. It’s kind of like the hooks on train cars that fasten them together into one long train that functions as one piece. When you’ve made good links between sentences and ideas your writing will be smooth and not choppy.