One Minute Guide To Writing A Literary Analysis Essay

A literary analysis essay is the effort to gauge and apprehend either a single piece of literary work, or an entire work. While it does seem quite complicated, it has been broken down for you here.

Prepare a thesis. Create a sentence or two that will state the main purpose of your analysis and answer any questions that will be presented in your paper. Be sure to indicate the main elements that you will be focusing on and these elements should be placed throughout the main portion of your writing. Also be sure to support the importance of your argument and include this at the end of your introduction paragraph. Don’t be afraid to allow the thesis to change as you continue to write, your thoughts may change as you are writing.

Excite your reader with a great introduction. Whether you begin your introduction with a quotation, anecdote, or an interesting fact, be sure to make it interesting and exciting – you want the reader to want to continue to read on. Remember to end your introduction with the thesis statement you prepared.

Develop a credible body. Throughout the body of the analytical essay, you will show the proof of your argument. The body is typically made up of three paragraphs, but you may be asked to write more.

Conclusion – make sure it sticks: The last paragraph of you analytical essay should recap all of the information that you provided throughout your paper, while not repeating yourself continuously. Simply cover all of the facts that you presented while hitting the effects of the argument made.