Antitrust Investigations

Prevention of monopolies and encouraging competition in the market are the concepts behind the anti-trust laws. They were invented in the 1890’s after various businesses came together to form big businesses that could not be challenged by new competitors. They would, therefore, enjoy the benefits of a monopoly such as the ability to set high prices of goods and services. Antitrust laws were hence proposed to monitor and investigate the activities of businesses to ensure that monopolies were eliminated and discouraged. While the laws and investigations were well-intended, they have not been successful and must be abolished.

Case Study of the Unsuccessful Antitrust Investigation

The antitrust investigations have limited competition in business. The laws allow the government to restrict business activities such as production, pricing and mergers. In the process, the government has created monopolies after granting some privilege to businesses that seem to benefit the economy. Other businesses have been shut down after investigations reveal that their expansion and presence will challenge the operations of the desirable ventures.

One of the examples of the disadvantages of the antitrust investigations is the recent crisis faced by Microsoft. The company has been accused of forcing the consumers to buy specific products. This comes after it considered bundling Windows and Internet Explorer and as such, it was accused of breaching antitrust laws.

On their part, Microsoft leaders indicated that the consumer were thrilled at the product since no additional costs were involved. Besides, both the Windows And Internet Explorer are a part of the company, which means that merging them would not form a monopoly as it had been alleged. This leads to the conclusion that the expansion and innovation by the company may have attracted the wrath and envy of competitors in the IT world. As a result, it is subjected to political assaults designed to ensure that specific businesses thrive and get the protection from the government.

The Antitrust Investigations Should Be Abolished

Unless the government is able to act impartially, antitrust investigations should be abolished. Businesses such as Microsoft that want to innovate and respond to the needs of the consumer should be protected. The competitors who do not have the capacity to create successful strategies in the competitive business world must never be allowed to achieve their ill-intentions through the anti-trust laws.

Clearly, anti-trust investigations have not been successful and must be abolished. They are utilized by the political forces to eliminate some businesses and to encourage others. In the process, monopolies are created in an economy.