Cause And Effects Of Divorce

One of the most serious issues in the contemporary society is divorce. It has become so common that many children are brought up by single parents or even taken through the foster care system. Finding the cause and effects of divorce will, therefore, help find practical solutions to the issue.

Causes of Divorce

One of the causes of divorce is the fact that people are pressured to get married. As a result, they do not take time to find a spouse whom they can live with for a long time. As difficulties come along the way, they realize that their spouses are unable to handle them well. Such difficulties include finances, sexual dysfunction, and childlessness.

In addition, most people are socialized in such a way that they cannot commit to tough courses of life. Marriage is, therefore, not seen as long-life commitment as it was the case in the past. In any case, it is easy to get a divorce due to the changes that have been made in the legal system. A spouse who realizes that they can no longer play their role in marriage will quickly find an attorney and get a divorce within a short time.

Furthermore, spouses who are constantly abused emotionally, sexually, verbally, and physically are likely to get a divorce. Options such as counseling may not solve such an issue if an abuse has persisted. More so, children who are abused by one parent will prompt the other to seek for divorce to protect them.

Effects of Divorce

The effects of divorce are many and devastating. Foremost, children may be depressed and suffer other psychological issues after a divorce. Their lives are altered socially, financially, and emotionally, which in turn causes psychological issues. Further, their academics may be affected due to the changes occurring in the family. Specifically, they may have to change schools after the divorce and may not focus on their studies. In the ultimate, their future is ruined after getting poor scores in school.

On the part of the parents, divorce can cause financial and social issues. The support from another spouse is cut off, leading to financial constraints. Still, since the couple may have shared common friends, they are forced to alter their social life. It may also be more difficult to find a spouse after divorce. Nevertheless, a spouse who has faced constant abuse may thrive after the divorce.

Undeniably, there are many causes of divorce including poor selection of a spouse, lack of commitment and abuse. The effects of the process are devastating for both the children and the spouse.