Burroughs And Karouac

These two American writers were quite pivotal and influential people in their time. The former of the two developed an adding machine that brought him even more fame as it became patented and quickly adopted for most accountant type jobs. Having an expert grasp on spontaneous prose Mr. Karouac became an underground celebrity and went on to be one of the founders of various significant groups in the fifties and sixties.

As the beat generation king, Karouac did a lot for the cause but never felt comfortable with being revered as such. Just think of how many students and amateur writers these two literary icons have influenced for the better. Although some of the concepts and ideals described in these authors books and manuscripts are quite dark in nature, their talent is expressed thoroughly in this form. The majority of their readers were free thinkers void of any set political or religious belief and it is this natural occurrence that shot them both into fame.

Burroughs the first was more of a mechanic seeing that he developed an adding machine which later afforded him the opportunity to make found a company in his image called the American Arithmometer Company which turned to the Burroughs Adding Machine Company. This name did not withstand the test of time seeing that it changed into the Burroughs Corporation. After all the trials and successes that his company brought him he found it necessary to merge with another business establishment called Sperry Corporation to form Unisys. This entrepreneurial and influential person has also been added to the national inventors hall of fame and rightfully so. He was succeeded by some successful children and grandchildren which I will touch on in the following paragraph.

It was William S. Burroughs, who became the noted writer involved in numerous recordings with various musicians and performers also did work with the directors of certain films. Being born into a wealthy family would greatly assist anyone who was lucky to have the privilege to to this type of life and he was no exception. Take the time to envision how taxing it is to write eighteen novels, six short story collections and four essays. Books were even written to highlight some of his major interviews and correspondence throughout his career.

When you put these two together you just may finally understand how important people like this is in society. You can rest assured that your school will teach such coursework to those students who choose to advance through this avenue of academic direction.